Walton - Belshazzar's Feast


Walton - Belshazzar's Feast

This piece is designed for a very large choir. We keep it simple:

CHORUS 1 = SOP 1. CHORUS 2 = SOP 2, etc.

That is, if you are a Tenor 2 when we split, you sing the CHORUS 2 Tenor part. There are only a few divisi moments in the two-chorus passages; in such cases, section members should decide among themselves to achieve a good balance.

Ignore "SEMI" and "TUTTI" indications in the score until further direction by Jason. Everything necessary is indicated in the practice files. Tenors and Basses have one more track than trebles, FYI.

Track titles include starting and ending measure numbers.

Most importantly: these files are about pitches and rhythms. They don't accurately represent dynamics or articulations. Belshazzar's Feast is especially theatrical. Our performance will be much more gratifying if we follow the indications in the score. Thankfully, it's all spelled out.

01 Belshazzar SOP1 1-94.mp3
02 Belshazzar SOP1 99-215.mp3
03 Belshazzar SOP1 219-355.mp3
04 Belshazzar SOP1 363-487.mp3
05 Belshazzar SOP1 497-643.mp3
06 Belshazzar SOP1 674-753.mp3
07 Belshazzar SOP1 755-919.mp3
08 Belshazzar SOP1 920-end.mp3

01 Belshazzar SOP2 1-94 rev 2-26.mp3
02 Belshazzar SOP2 99-215 rev 2-16.mp3
03 Belshazzar SOP2 219-355.mp3
04 Belshazzar SOP2 363-487.mp3
05 Belshazzar SOP2 497-643.mp3
06 Belshazzar SOP2 674-753.mp3
07 Belshazzar SOP2 755-919.mp3
08 Belshazzar SOP2 920-end.mp3

01 Belshazzar ALT1 1-94.mp3
02 Belshazzar ALT1 99-215.mp3
03 Belshazzar ALT1 219-355.mp3
04 Belshazzar ALT1 363-487.mp3
05 Belshazzar ALT1 497-643.mp3
06 Belshazzar ALT1 674-753.mp3
07 Belshazzar ALT1 755-919.mp3
08 Belshazzar ALT1 920-end.mp3

01 Belshazzar ALT2 1-94.mp3
02 Belshazzar ALT2 99-215 rev 2-16.mp3
03 Belshazzar ALT2 219-355.mp3
04 Belshazzar ALT2 363-487.mp3
05 Belshazzar ALT2 497-643.mp3
06 Belshazzar ALT2 674-753.mp3
07 Belshazzar ALT2 755-919.mp3
08 Belshazzar ALT2 920-end.mp3

01 Belshazzar TEN1 1-94.mp3
02 Belshazzar TEN1 99-215.mp3
03 Belshazzar TEN1 219-355.mp3
04 Belshazzar TEN1 363-487.mp3
05 Belshazzar TEN1 497-643.mp3
06 Belshazzar TEN1 648-657.mp3
07 Belshazzar TEN1 674-753.mp3
08 Belshazzar TEN1 755-919.mp3
09 Belshazzar TEN1 920-end.mp3

01 Belshazzar TEN2 1-94.mp3
02 Belshazzar TEN2 99-215 rev 2-16.mp3
03 Belshazzar TEN2 219-355.mp3
04 Belshazzar TEN2 363-487.mp3
05 Belshazzar TEN2 497-643.mp3
06 Belshazzar TEN2 648-657.mp3
07 Belshazzar TEN2 674-753.mp3
08 Belshazzar TEN2 755-919.mp3
09 Belshazzar TEN2 920-end.mp3

01 Belshazzar BAS1 1-94.mp3
02 Belshazzar BAS1 99-215.mp3
03 Belshazzar BAS1 219-355.mp3
04 Belshazzar BAS1 363-487.mp3
05 Belshazzar BAS1 497-643.mp3
06 Belshazzar BAS1 648-657.mp3
07 Belshazzar BAS1 674-753.mp3
08 Belshazzar BAS1 755-919.mp3
09 Belshazzar BAS1 920-end.mp3

01 Belshazzar BAS2 1-94.mp3
02 Belshazzar BAS2 99-215 rev 2-12.mp3
03 Belshazzar BAS2 219-355.mp3
04 Belshazzar BAS2 363-487.mp3
05 Belshazzar BAS2 497-643.mp3
06 Belshazzar BAS2 648-657.mp3
07 Belshazzar BAS2 674-753.mp3
08 Belshazzar BAS2 755-919.mp3
09 Belshazzar BAS2 920-end.mp3