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Grace Chorale of Brooklyn is an 85-member chorus based in Brooklyn Heights dedicated to the performance and promotion of choral singing in Brooklyn. In this our 41st year, our concerts, performing partnerships, and educational outreach events continue to offer a wide variety of choral music to audiences throughout the Borough, and provide amateur singers of varied experience the opportunity to study the art of choral singing under the dynamic and professional leadership of Music Director Jason Asbury and Assistant Music Director Matt Podd.

We are also very proud of our commissioning program: For nearly a decade, Grace Chorale of Brooklyn has commissioned a wide variety of choral works by talented New York City composers as part of our mission to support living composers and expand the choral repertoire of the 21st century. The Chorale values our collaboration with them and the wonderful opportunity to breathe life into the work they compose for us. 

The Application Period for the 2019 GCB Choral Commission
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Information about the Selected Composers will be forthcoming

May 5 & 6, 2018

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On May 5th and 6th, 2018, GCB will present
Messiahs False and True
three works exploring the allure of charismatic leaders in times of crisis.

                Paul Hecht

               Paul Hecht

The concert will open with a short choral proclamation by Norwegian composer Knut Nystedt (b. 1915-2014), titled "Cry Out and Shout", a powerful acapella anthem that bursts with excitement. The joyful text from the Prophet Isaiah calls people to sing out to God and assures redemption: "The Lord is strength and song...with joy shall ye draw water from the wells of salvation."

The center piece of our program is “Messiahs False and True”, a choral cantata by Rex Isenberg which premiered in NYC in 2015. This is a dramatic piece, a marriage of theater and chorus, featuring narrated texts from figures as diverse as Julius Caesar, Barack Obama, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Jim Jones –  figures both heroic and villainous that by force of  “the incredible blind faith of their followers…transformed these individuals from relative unknowns to figures of messianic proportions.”

The program will conclude with "Rejoice in the Lamb", a cantata for 4 soloists, choir and organ, composed by Benjamin Britten in 1943. Britten chose a poem by 18th century poet Christopher Smart whose "Jubliate Agno" was written while in a mental asylum where he was judged to be in the grips of a religious mania. The poem has great color, drama and imagery, depicting idiosyncratic praise and worship by all of God's creation. Britten captures the warmth of Smart's peculiar vision with dancing rhythms, and tender harmonies.

Musicians include: Nathan Taylor, ORGANIST; Sam Lazzara, BASS DRUM; Mary Thorne, SOPRANO; Nora Graham-Smith, MEZZO-SOPRANO; Michael Kuhn, TENOR; Peter Kendall Clark, BARITONE
and featuring Paul Hecht, NARRATOR.

The concert will be presented at the landmark Plymouth Church of the Pilgrims in Brooklyn Heights, a historically significant setting where Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King and other charismatic leaders were invited to speak over the course of the last 160 years!

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Navidad Nuestra:

On December 15th and 17th, the Chorale presented its winter concert, Navidad Nuestra: Holiday music from Spanish speaking composers from the 16th to the 20th Century.
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