June 10th
Choral Music Reflecting America's Diversity

A joint concert with Grace Chorale of Brooklyn and the Congressional Chorus of Washington D.C.
June 10th, 7 pm, St. Ann's Church in Brooklyn Hts.
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In a reprise of our joint concert last year held in Washington, D.C. at the home of the Congressional Chorus, this year they are coming to "our house" in Brooklyn.
The Joint Concert will be held on June 10th at Saint Ann's Church in Brooklyn Heights, featuring Jazz Big Band and Brass quartet. The theme is American Composers and the music will include:

By the Congressional Chorus:

VAMO LA!  by Christopher Urquiaga
(First Generation American Composer of Peruvian and Brazilian descent) 

Movement One - "Those Times"

Movement Two - "Amor Profundo"

Movement Three - "Vamo La!"

Excerpts from CALLING ALL DAWNS by Christopher Tin
(Chinese-American Composer) 

Movement One - "Baba Yetu" (Swahili)

Movement Five - "Rassemblons-Nous" (French)

Movement Ten - "Hamsafar"  (Farsi)

Movement Eleven - "Sukla-Krsne" (Sanskrit)

Movement Twelve - "Kia Hora Te Marino" (Maori) 

By the Grace Chorale of Brooklyn:

"A Red, Red Rose" by James Mulholland

"Three Joyce Poems" from James Joyce’s Chamber Music by Brooklyn-based composer Vince Peterson 

"April Song" by Brooklyn-based composer Matt Podd


Sacred Concert by Duke Ellington

Parts 1, 6, 8 and 10

“Praise God and Dance”

“Come Sunday”

“Almighty God”

“Praise God and Dance”

America the Beautiful