The following information about the chorus is meant to answer questions and facilitate a collegial atmosphere. Here also is the organizational calendar where you can view all upcoming audition, rehearsal and performance dates. To the left you will find links to other member-related webpages including a link to where you can pay your annual dues via Paypal.

Here is the  Member Participation Questionnaire.  We are looking for 100% participation by the members to volunteer in some fashion for the chorus.

Please contact the membership committee (membership@graceandspiritus.org) should you have any questions about membership in G&S.



Grace & Spiritus Chorale of Brooklyn is a community chorus and nonprofit organization. It was formed in 2006 by merging two Brooklyn choruses: Grace Choral Society, and Spiritus et Anima. We are run by a board of directors that members elect each May at an annual meeting. Members are welcome to attend board meetings.


The concert year usually consists of two seasons (or semesters), with two (sometimes three) performances (of the same repertoire) each semester. The fall semester begins after Labor Day and ends in mid-January. The spring semester begins in mid-January and ends in May. We also do holiday caroling and sometimes have other smaller performance opportunities throughout the year.


Rehearsals are held on Wednesday evenings at 254 Hicks Street in Brooklyn Heights (Grace Church) from 7:00 to 9:30, with one 15 minute break with refreshments. For rehearsals to run smoothly and be productive, it is important for all members to arrive on time. If you anticipate an extended absence, please speak with Jason or one of the board members.


The cost of dues will be announced at the beginning of each semester. Dues are due by October 15th for the fall season, and February 15th for the spring season. Please make your checks payable to Grace & Spiritus Chorale. 

In addition to dues each semester, members are responsible for selling or purchasing three concert tickets at the student price. This is to be paid no later than one week before each concert date. Each member is encouraged to sell as many tickets as possible in addition to these three. Each member also receives two complementary tickets each season.

In addition, members will be asked to pay a "music fee" for copying and/or purchasing of scores.

Members may pay for all obligations with one check at the beginning of the semester.  For more information, click the link "Pay Membership Dues".


A lot goes on behind the scenes to make rehearsals and concerts a success. Everyone is asked to do his and her part in making the organization successful, creative, and fun. There is no paid administrative staff, and we’re all busy people, so we need chorus members to contribute their unique expertise and time. We ask that each and every member volunteer for at least one project. 

For example, today members volunteer to provide refreshments at rehearsal, maintain the member roster, keep the books, shepherd design and production of publicity postcards and the program, apply for grants, close up after rehearsal, maintain the website, provide a presence at street fairs, organize holiday caroling (which generates revenue), maintain our mailing list, run the box office, and take care of our patrons. And that’s a partial list!

Click here to see how you can help.


Grace & Spiritus Chorale of Brooklyn embarks on a major program ad campaign each spring. Ads are displayed in the concert program for two seasons. This is a major revenue source for G&S. This is an extremely important source of revenue for the chorus. In order for us to be able to continue to keep costs as low as we can, it is essential for each member to do his and her part in helping to sell ads for this campaign. While we strive to present concerts of the highest quality within our budget, we can offset some of these costs only if each and every member sells at least one ad. 

In the event that this is not possible, please consider donating to the chorus in the form of becoming a “Friend.” Speak to a board member for details, and listen for announcements and emails about the ad campaign. 

We appreciate any help you can offer by selling ads to local merchants, friends, and businesses.


Although it might change from concert to concert, in general concert dress is: 

For men: Black shirt, black jacket, (no tie), black pants, black socks, and black shoes. 

For women: Black top, black floor length skirt or pants, black stockings/socks, black shoes.

Please do not wear: beepers, beeping watches, cell phones, flashy jewelry, perfume, cologne, or aftershave. There is no guarantee that there will be a safe room at our venues. Therefore, please do not bring any valuables with you to the concerts.


Please feel free to ask any of the Board members, and they will attempt to answer you, or to find an answer. Board members will be introduced at the beginning of each semester. 

We welcome input from all Chorus members; we know you have a lot of talents to offer the Chorus and encourage you to become more involved. 

Sing on!