September Notes

Hi Soprano Section!

Lots of catching up to do on my part so here we go:

1.  Lainie Fefferman:  You'll have received an e-mail from Jason asking you to respond to Brooklyn composer, Lainie Fefferman's few questions. She has requested that we answer these as consideration for possible lyrics for the piece we have commissioned from her. If you haven't already, please send your response directly to Ms. Fefferman ate:

Ms. Fefferman met with us last month. She asked if we could yodel, explaining that a yodel is merely a jump from chest voice to head voice and visa versa. By her definition, we yodeled often in the Beethoven, so we can all do it. She seemed pleased by the vocal experiments she had us try.

2. Mid-Winter Songs on Poems by Robert Graves by Morten Lauridsen: 

Note: Jason wants us to "get these songs down" right away so we are ready for the Fefferman commission when it is completed in October. It is toward this end that he is encouraging us to approach everything, including dynamics, at once.

p. 28   Timing: We are to count as follows in [tempo primo] 3/4: 1-e-&-a-2-e-&-a-3

Please note and mark the changing tempi throughout the songs, from tempo primo [3/4]  to 6/8, 3/2, 9/8, 2/2, 4/4, 5/4

Please drop all 'r's found within words or at the end of words. Just "flip" them, or sing a very soft 'h' sound in place of the r.

p. 29  Pronounce 'despite' as 'deh-spite' [not 'dee-spite' and no diphthongs).

p. 32  Pronounce 'As earth' as though we were British.

p. 40 2nd System, 3rd measure: please note and mark the rest.

p. 42  Pronounce 'dies' as 'dahs' [not 'dyes 'and no diphthongs).

p. 43  Note crescendo/decrescendo in 1st System

p. 44  Reminder: legato, lyrical and cohesive. Please listen to your fellow choristers. Jason used the Bass section as a good example.

p. 46  2nd system, is in Unison.

Jennifer found good clips of the sections we have worked on at (3rd movement), (4th movement) and (5th movement). 

Matthew is/will be preparing material for us on the Website. 

2. BACH: Kantante No. 65

This is available on Cyberbass at:

MAC users will not be able to control speed. Again, Matthew is/will be preparing material for us on the Website

Note: We are singing the German, so please cross out the English text.

p. 2  In 12/8 time, a dotted 1/4 note is one beat.

pp. 2-12  Please mark the motif in the Soprano section each time it occurs. Jason would like us to memorize it. 

p. 6  Please keep the motif light.

p. 27  Reminder: Repeat to the top of the page after 2nd System, 2nd bar.

Take care! See you Wednesday!

Chris Walker