Soprano Sectional November 6th

SOPRANO SECTIONAL!!! WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 6TH AT 6:30 pm. Please mark your calendars/phones/minds!
Hi Soprani!
My schedule should change next week and I will be able to get these notes done before the Wednesday of the following rehearsal.

Please read Eliza's letter re: fundraising


  • All x note-heads are not pitched, but still may have crescendo, decrescendo, etc.
  • 3. Early Morning: soloists speak in calm natural tones, but projected [actors?]
  • 6. Lunch: glissando on consonant 'L' with crescendo. Keep the peak of the crescendo for measure 2. Measure 3 is a quick glissando with a little 'yip' sound.


  • please practice pp. 8-12
  • p. 2: concentrate on grace and flow
  • p. 9: Jason's words (for Soprano section) "OMG!b Wow! Gold! Gold & Incense Everywhere! Wow!"
  • p. 12: Throw that gold and incense everywhere!
  • p. 13, p. 27:  These are German chorales, so everybody would know them and sing along. Please try for that spirit! Warm!
  • pp. 27, 28: Fill the (indicated) 1/4 notes with sound 


  • p. 18: 2nd System-not commanding, but encouraging
  • p. 28: sing to the downbeat
  • p. 46: last measure is 4/4. Matthew plays through p. 48, then we return to page 45 to the repeat from the 3rd measure. But, on this, the second time, we replace measure 35 with measure 60 on page 46, and continue to the end of the piece.

Keep up the great work!


~ Walker