October 23 notes


  • Opening is an each graceful flow.
  • p. 4  Measure 2: Strong entrance
  • p. 6 Please keep motif light
  • Please practice pages 8-12 especially and practice pronunciation of German throughout piece 


  • p. 4  pronounce 'dying' as "Dah-ing" rather than 'Die-YING"
  • p. 8  cut off after 'cloud' (it's just a 1/8th note)
  • p. 12 2nd System, 2nd measure, note "forté"
  • p. 17 2nd System: note triple forté and the rests
  • p. 14 top: sing without sentiment but imploring the sun.
  • p. 18 note the two rests in the last line!
  • p. 28 shape the phrases
  • p. 29 6/8 second measure: note rests
  • p. 34 softly and please leave off the "w" in "snow"
  • p. 37 marke the page turn: 2nd System goes to 2/2
  • p. 38 come off at the end of bar 31 after "go"
  • p. 40 2nd System: warm it up and pronounce see more like "sih"
  • pp. 42-46 legato and leave out the "r"s
  • p. 43  3rd measure is an echo
  • p. 44  lyrical, legato, with a bigger gentler cohesiveness

Re: Cabaret Gala in March/April

Working Theme: A Grand Night for Singing.

  • Ellen needs a ccommitee
  • send ideas to Jason via e-mail

Cadmen Plaza library Performance, Wednesday Nov. 20th 6pm call, 6:30 show

~ Walker