New member website login instructions

 Voicemail Instructions: The voicemail passcode is *____, the phone number is (718) 707-1411.

For website maintenance (adding members), log in as graceandspiritus, password is ........ To add new singers go to Website Management, Member Accounts, then "Create Account" (bottom of page) to add a new member.

On the website management page, once you click on create account, there are a couple of things to be sure you include:

first, when you create the login name, you also create a password. you need to click on "audience" and select either member or board. we have historically sent an email ourselves to the new user:



to G&S. I have created website


credentials for you so you can access the members pages, and have added you to our email list.



name is your email address without the @

and without any punctuation,so if your email address is

, your


is singermusic. Your password is ilovetosing. Check out member music resources!

Please let me know if you have any problems logging in."  Donna.

Oh, and if you don't want to send the email, you can click "send email notification" and it will send the details. FOr this option you need to enter the new members email address on the create account page. I usually do that anyway.