Google group Membership list - management

To add members to email list, go to google groups:

sign in as membershipadmin, pw is ....

at the top chose the column called "groups"

and click on "singing members" and there you can add or remove 

I usually go through a couple of steps to move a member who leaves to members on hiatus so that if we want to reach out to them, we can use "

" to send them all an email.

Also, you may want to create new email forwards for new board members. The easiest way is to go to groups again, and create a new group called (for example) John Smith, and the group email address would be  "" and then the only member of that group is john with his preferred email address. This way, if someone wants to send an email to john, he can tell the chorus his email address, and it will automatically go to his preferred email address. There are other ways to do it, but that I believe that would require the board member to have a gmail account.

We also maintain an email list at vertical response, sadly, I don't think there is a way to update this at the same time as google groups  so you need to go to login is, pw is............ I have never removed anyone from the gs members list, because if someone wants to be removed, they can click remove from any emails we send them.

Google group Membership list - management