Use of Vertical Response

We use vertical response as an Email management tool.

1. Email management tool.

The two service below are both additional subscriptions - paid monthly each is about $12 per month.

While it is easy to turn on - to turn off Vertical response has to be contacted via email or phone there is currently no way of doing this on their website.  Because our needs our seasonal this is an extra step we need to take.

2. Event tool - to create along with an email blast - this allow to create a striking graphic announcement which our audience can forward to interested friends.
3. Survey tool - this allows a quick way to poll our membership.


1. Annually.  The email template need to be updated before the beginning of the new season to reflect the current board members.  The wysiwyg can be a bit optimistic - to make this template work on as many platforms ar possible there is a "phantom" white square which pushes the letterhead banner into the correct positions - do not mess with this.

2. To produce an email.

a. Annually - Update the email template to reflect current makeup of board.
b. Make a copy of the template, so that we always have more than one of the most recent available.
c. The material for the email (press release or otherwise) should be an editable word document - you cannot upload a pdf. Do a spell and grammar check and remove all formatting. 
d. Select template, make a copy and name.  Cut and paste the document into vertical response and again, remove formatting - you may get code introductory text after pasting - remove all this from the top of your text.  Make sureautosave is on ( top  right hand corner).  Don't worry about how it look until you have a test.
e. Send yourself a test - view the test on as many platforms as you can.
f. Make adjustment according to test. - Send another test.....aso... until you have what you need...
g.Choose distribution lists and schedule date (dates) of distribution.  This can be set up in advance.

3. To produce an email blast. - Enable service -get cresit card info from Denise

a. Make a copy of template - which has a frame with an image of the choir and our sponsors logos and website related colours.
b. At top fill in event details, name, date, times - general because we have multiple performances.  Detail below with image.
c.  Image. Usually we place our postcard in the details box which provides visula info but any text even if on the card will probably need to be type. The image comes from Gordon or Alex it must be a jpg or a gif. You can resize in vertical response.
d. Place paypal links in the payment section.
e. send a test.
f. To send out look on the right hand side menu and select Invitation - this provides a way to create a supporting text to introduce the event.  The top sections are modifiable where is says You are Invited.

g. Set up one of these invitations for each repeat mailing of the blast as the event approaches. These can be scheduled.