Meet the Chorus- Posting Instructions

  • Posting an image to the meet the chorus section
  •   1. The photo need to be square – for speed I just load into photoshop in groups and set the auto cut and paste in the top to 2” by 2’’ at 300 dpi. (this is entirely arbitrary) This makes the document  information bigger.  Then resize in photo shop under the image menu/resize and first change the dpi form 300 to 72, then change image dimensions to 175. 

If an image isn’t wide enough use the image/canvas and square the image by making the smaller dimension match the larger – select white as the background ( I think this is the default) and it will add a white border to fill out your square.  Then proceed as above.

  •   2.The Meet the Chorus page is a tweaked journal (blog) page configuration with the comments etc. disabled.
  •   3.The entries are automatically sorted alphabetically – and are added as new posts.
  •   4.The name is entered in the Title and will automatically be in orange text. – Voice part/space/a dash/space/name.
  •   5. At the top right uncheck the enable comments box.
  •   6. If there is text enter it first into the text box.
  •   7. Above the text box and below the Title box there is a line of tools.
  •   8. Third from the left of the WYSIWYG button there is a box with lines and a + sign and some horizontal lines in it, click this – it will say “you have removed the excerpt for this entry”.
  •   9. Place the cursor in the top left of the text box and select the image icon – it is the second symbol to the right of add:
  •  10. To insert an image select upload an image, this will allow you to view files on your computer.  Select your file and select upload file at the bottom right of the window.
  • 11. When the image is uploaded check in the resize box that it is 175  -- adjust if necessary.
  • 12. Save
  • 13. Along the bottom of the images are a series of options,  select left.
  • 14. Save and close