Alto notes - April 2 (Carmina Burana)

Dear alti,


Here are some notes from April 2:


mvmt 1, line 2, bar 2, it's pronounced cres-TSEES, not cress-CHEES

 line 3, bar 2, separate 'bi' and 'lis' with a break bewteen (here and about 15 other places)


mvmt 3 - make it lilting and dance-like


mvmt 5, page 20, line 2, the last bar is 'Hu (umlaut)-e-miss, not "hee-e-miss". Jason has overwritten the pronunciation guide here.


mvmt 8, make the humming sound with open space inside your mouth


mvmt 18, agreed pronunciation is 'mandaLEET' and chu-mu-NEET' (not manda-lyeht and cu-mu-nyeht)


mvmt 20, start p on page 52




If you are looking for inspiration and want to have an explanation of why singing feels so good, I recommend this TED talk about the neuroscience of singing. "Singing connects to the right side of the brain, the battery that fuels the left side of the brain, it stimulates the release of oxytocin and endorphins...the neurotransmitters of love, compassion, kindness and determination, and that the effect is amplified when we sing with other people!