Alto notes: March 26

Dear alti,


Here are the notes from March 26:


-mvmt 1, p. 6 - remember the syncopated bars in the last line (bar 3) and also page 11, top line, bar 4. It is still catching some people by surprise

- check your pronunciation guide - all the 'qu's are pronounced 'qv' as in 'qvic qvim!



-mvmt 3, sweetly and in tune, especially the first bar of each passage


-mvmt 7. Alto 1 sing Sop 2 when the soprano line divides into two parts (e.g. p. 27, p. 29 and 50-52, p. 30, pp. 32-33. When it's only one part, go back to singing the alto part.

-mvmt 8 A1 sing the S2 part on the lower half of page 34 and into page 35


-mvmt 18, p. 50:  contrast between the f section and the p section two bars later. the thuird and fourth bars are the echo, so sing it softer.

-mvmt 19, altos can help the tenors if you want to

-mvmt 22, pp. 60: DON'T SING bar 2


If you have time to watch a clip, and want a laugh, here is my offering for the week: 



See you on Wednesday!