Carmina Burana: alto notes from Jan 29

Good morning, altos,


Please let me know with a private reply (not 'Reply All') if you are not singing the spring 2014 concert (Carmina Burana) and wish to be removed from this mailing list for the time being.


I will aim to send notes out after each rehearsal, primarily for the benefit of those who missed the rehearsal. Please do the rest of the altos the courtesy of reading these and making the appropriate markings in your score, as Jason will continue rehearsals with the understanding that everyone is up to speed with last week's markings. These notes are also posted the the G&S website under 'Alto notes'. General choir-wide notes (such as rehearsal date/venue changes and performance times/dates/venues will be sent by Eliza and other board members to all.


OK, here goes:


Mvmt 1:

  • watch for the off-beats and emphasize them, e.g. on page 6, line 3, bar 3 (gla-CI-em), and page 8, line 3, last bar (sce-LE-ris)
  • (ditto for the final movement, on page 66, line 3, bar 3, and page 68, line 3, last bar)
  • Jason is yet to tell us if these are hard or soft gs and cs - so stay tuned for his notes on Germanic/Latin pronunciation

Mvmt 7:

  • page 27, line 3, bar 4 is p (in contrast with the previous mp bar)

Mvmt 8:

  • humming throughout

Mvmt 10:

  • page 41, emphasize the first beats of bars 5, 6 and 8 ("DES" and "DAR-ben")

Mvmt 20:

  • page 53, line 3, bars 1 and 2: watch the second note (after the C) in "hyrca": it's actually a G, not an A!


Finally, there are plenty of parodies of this piece, as well as some over-the-top performances. I will try to share one every now and then. I start with this, which is labelled 'BEST EVER' on YouTube. It has a translation which you may find helpful: