Alto notes Dec 11-Jan 15: nearly there, alti!

Dear Alti,


Apologies for my tardiness in getting these 'weekly' notes to you. Most of our rehearsal time has been spent on the Fefferman, and after last night's complete run-through, I hope you agree with me that it's starting to sound great and has the potential to be the thrilling world premiere that it could be come Jan 24!



-we will perform movement 8 from memory: learn it then tuck your music folder into your left armpit and prepare to sing, clap and stamp

- listen to the files for movement 9. 

-Matthew sent a link to Lainie's new practice track for movement 10 with all parts at equal volume (SATB.)



-page 6, bar 13, more forward. Pronounce 'shine' as 'shahn' (remove the 'r'), and same for longer, which should be pronounced 'long-ah'

-pages 12-13, bar 50-53 needs work. Listen to the CD or YouTube file (2' 37" onwards) here:

-page 18, 2nd last bar, altos can drop the 'sh' in 'shine

-page 20 - lightly. It's mf, not f!

-page 23 first bar is fortepiano

-listen to movement 2, and rehearse it, at home


Lainie will listen to us rehearse next week, so pull all the stops out and let's give it our best!


Jennifer, proud leader of the terrific alto section.