Alto Notes from November 20

Dear Alti,


Notes from November 20 (better late than never, right?):



- movement 2: more 'H' on the initial 'Ha'

- movement 4: "oo" should be a small and tight sound, where "oh" is broad

pp. 9-10 - make it sparse: aim to sing "yoo-goo-doo" three times each in total. If someone near you is singing, don't make a sound just then.

- movement 6: half of the alti should emphasize the "u" in "lunch", the other half emphasize "n"

- movement 7: light and playful; think "bee' but sing 'bum' with a bright vowel. At the slower section, the W3 line should emphasize the long vowel on A

- movement 10: very light



- 1. rehearse pages 12 and 13!

- 2. rehearse pages 22 and 23!