Alto notes from December 4

Good morning, alti,


Here are the notes from yesterday's rehearsal:



-  movement 4: "oo" should be a small and tight sound, where "oh" is broad

-  movement 10: it is crucial that everyone counts for themselves in this movement - put clear markings in your score for when the rhythm changes



p. 18 the word "warm" should sound long and open

pp. 20 and 26 the word "secretly" should end with the 'ly' forward

p. 24, last bar - alti, we are correct on the F#, which doesn't resolve until the sops move onto the A# on page 25!

pp. 28- sing to the downbeat: "(she tells her) Love"

p. 48 at the DS. al in the last bar, go back to page 45.