Alto notes from November 6

Dear Alti,

This week we rehearsed the Fefferman:

  • 2nd movement - mark in the beats in each bar!
  • 7th movement - the altos should sing the 'Women 3' line
  • 10th movement - listen to the files that Matthew sent
  • 12th movement - humming. If all else fails, sing a B. Jason will signal the bar line each time. Count with your finger on the score which bar we're up to!
  • Next week we will rehearse movements 9 and 10
  • Lainie will join us on November 20

Try this clip for some inspiring spoken/singing works of a similar nature:

We also rehearsed the Bach:

  • pp. 2-12: bring out the theme
  • Mark in your score where the altos have the theme
We also rehearsed the Lauridsen:

  • movement V. Sounding great!

Keep up the great work, alti,