Alto notes from Sept 25 and Oct 2: Get to know your Lauridsen!

Hello alti,

Things to note if you missed the Sept 25 rehearsal:


  • pp. 2-11, feel it in 12/8 time
  • p. 5 the alti have the theme - bring it OUT. Jason suggests marking the motif in your part every time it appears.
  • p. 6 alti are in the background, so sing it p. 
  • we also rehearsed pp. 13 and 27-28

  • pp. 35-41, mark and observe the rest on p. 40, second last bar!
  • pp. 42-46, sing legato, like a string quartet
  • p. 44, lighten up on the 'r's, just 'flip'; them

Things to note if you missed the Oct 2 rehearsal:


  • p. 2, light, like a dance
  • we also rehearsed pp. 2-8 and 27-28

Lauridsen trivia for the week: Morten Lauridsen used to work as a Forest Service firefighter and lookout on an isolated tower near Mt. St. Helens. He then went to study composition at the University of Southern California, and later joined the faculty there, where he has been teaching since 1967 (the year I was born!) He spends his summers on a remote island in the Pacific Northwest. The silence of nature provides inspiration for his masterworks.