Alto notes from Oct 16 (by Deb)

In Jennifer's absence, I'm sending them along.  Won't be as good, but
at least you'll get something!

We got a copy of the first few movements of the Lainie Fefferman.
Make sure you pick one up on your way in next rehearsal.  The piece
starts with the second movement and is also missing the 5th movement
so don't worry that yours is incomplete.

You may want a 3-ring binder to hold it - it's stapled right now.

Lainie walked us through the piece which is dialogue and sound effects
- the SFX come from us!  She asks that even as we sigh and gasp and
make shower sounds ("shhhhhhhh") that we pay attention to dynamics,
especially decrescendos.

We broke into informal groups (3 alto parts, 3 sop parts etc) though
Lainie would like soloists among the bravest of us.


Here's a You Tube video if you want to listen:

p. 13: Note that the last note in measure 53 is a G that goes to an F
in next measure.  Tricky 'cause your eye has to drop down on the page
and it's tied.
p. 22: Measure 45 to 46: watch out for note change G# to A natural.
p. 35: Tempo is very fast.
pp. 35-42 soften the "r"s - for example sing "stirring" as "stuhhing".


pp. We practiced pp. 2-9
p. 8-9 Take a look at these two pages.  Not easy, not obvious.
(next week we'll practice pages 8-12.)

General News/Announcements:

*November 20th: Performance at Cadman Library.  6pm to warm up.  One hour.

*David Behl of the Concert Committee has CDs of "Missa Solemnis" if
you'd like a copy.


   Ellen could use some help to plan it.  Contact her to volunteer.

   Jason would like to know who wants/plans to perform at the Gala.
If you have a group or a song or a solo, great, or if you want to
perform and don't have your plans together, let him know and he'll

help.  Email him at: