October 9: Lauridsen aplenty

Hello alti,

Things to note if you missed this week's rehearsal:


  • p. 4 - pronounce 'dying' as "Dah-ing" rather than 'Die-YING". 
  • p. 8 cut off after 'cloud' (it's just an eighth note)
  • p. 13 the first note in bar 54 is an F (a tied tone down from the G in the previous bar)
  • p. 18 WATCH the two rests in the last line!
  • p. 28 shape the phrase and observe the hairpins
  • p. 38 come off at the end of bar 31 after "go"
  • p. 40 observe the rest in the second last bar!
  • pp. 42-46, sing the whole movement more legato
  • p. 46 the first note second bar is a D not an E

Lauridsen trivia for the week:

Although Lauridsen was born and bred on the West coast of the USA, he has "Danish roots". He divides his time between Los Angeles and Waldron Island, a tiny island off the coast of Washington, where he lives in a renovated general store that overlooks Puget Sound. He treasures "serenity and silence" and has composed many of his major pieces on Waldron Island. He says "There are too many things out there that are away from goodness. We need to focus on those things that ennoble us, that enrich us."